Sam Liao

Associate Professor, Philosophy Sam Liao

BA, Rutgers-the State University of New Jersey, 2005 
MA, PhD, University Michigan, 2008, 2011

Shen-yi Liao uses empirical and conceptual methods to investigate the interface of mind and value. Some of his recent publications are "The Imagination Box" (with Tyler Doggett), Journal of Philosophy, 111.5 (2014); "Empirically Investigating Imaginative Resistance" (with Nina Strohminger and Chandra Sripada), British Journal of Aesthetics 54.3 (2014); and "Aesthetic Adjectives: Experimental Semantics and Context-Sensitivity" (with Aaron Meskin), Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (forthcoming). Nowadays, he is thinking about etiquette, race, decolonization, Mozi, punk rock, concepts, testimony, coffee, public philosophy, intuition, wisdom of crowds, and social structures of academia.