Michel Rocchi International District 

The Michel Rocchi International District is experiential living with like-minded students with an international focus. This program will provide a home for study abroad students to orient themselves pre-departure and re-acclimate upon returning to Puget Sound. Beyond study abroad, this will also be a home for any students whose academic pursuits and interests include an international component. Possible activities associated with this program may include: study abroad returnee picture night; international movie night; study abroad interest meetings; international food night/celebrations of holidays from different cultures; speakers on topics such as international careers, grad school, international volunteer opportunities, political issues in relevant countries; a service project; and/or day trips or overnight field trips.  NOTE: If a student is applying to live in The Michel Rocchi International District in Commencement Hall they will apply as an individual and do not need to  arrange with a partner to create a full year's contract.

Applications and information may be obtained from the Office of Residence Life.
International District 2016-2017 Application