Dijon Semester in France Description

Dijon, the capital of Burgundy, is located 300km. southeast of Paris, which is easily accessible by an hour and twenty minute train ride.

  • Dijon's population is about 160,000, the climate is similar to the Puget Sound region, and the area is a center of cultural life, rich historical heritage, and gastronomy and wine production.

Study in Dijon begins with an extended stay in Paris and is complemented with several excursions in Strasbourg to visit the European Parliament, to Provence for sunny days by the Mediterranean, and to other adventures from the Loire valley chateaux to the beaches of Normandy.

  •   Nathalie Choplain, the resident on-site administrator, organizes all the excursions and coordinates the homestay families.

  •   The program maintains a location in the heart of Dijon at the Condorcet Center, which houses the administrative center for office hours, general meetings and tutorials, as well as weekly program meetings and dinners.

  •   The Center offers amenities such as laptops, Internet service for Skype and email, and mountain bikes for leisurely rides. Bus passes and meals are included in the cost of the program. 

Curriculum while in Dijon is based primarily on a placement exam that dictates the available options in each level.

  •   Students take language and culture classes, and choose

    from a set of electives from Art History, Philosophy, Gastronomy, Literature, Economics, Politics, Music, Theatre and History. You may also audit courses with French students on the main campus.

  •   Participants receive four units of French credit upon completion. The semester runs from the beginning of February to the beginning of June, with a two week spring break.

  •   In addition to the university courses, the program offers either a weekly tutorial conducted by faculty from Dijon, or a course on international politics held at the well-respected SciencesPo University. These ancillary courses revolve around literary themes, cultural issues, or politics to allow students small group interactions with a faculty member, and to require a major writing project beyond the university requirements for foreign students. This addresses the need of more writing in the major and balances the oral fluency acquired in France with sustained writing assignments. 

A semester in Dijon offers an intellectual and cultural experience, a thorough preparation prior to departure, organized activities during the stay, and adequate support for all the essential expectations in France.

  •   It aims to strike a balance between having the basic logistics taken care of with enough freedom to allow you independence.

  •   All you need to bring with you is an open mind to experience the different culture on its own terms, a commitment to improve your oral and written fluency, and a self-initiative to explore all the available opportunities. 

Bon Voyage!