Dijon Application Process

[Applies only to Dijon and not to other programs]


1. Meet with faculty in French to discuss interest in the Dijon program.

2. Spring Interest Meeting (scheduled in April yearly) will cover details of the application process by staff from the Office of International Programs (Allyson Lindsley), and by Dijon Program Faculty Liaison (Michel Rocchi).

3. Students who do not attend the above meeting must schedule a meeting with the Office of International Programs to obtain the details; office email below.

4. Complete Online Puget Sound Application by announced deadline (due in late January/early February) and available on the International Programs website (listed below).

5. Students considering applying to Dijon should schedule a meeting with Student Financial Services to discuss finances, financial aid, grants & scholarships, etc.

  • The Office of International Programs will review all applications and notify students of their approval to study abroad.
  • Once approval to study abroad has been given, students must apply to the Dijon Program. The Dijon Program Faculty Liaison (Michel Rocchi) will contact all approved students to provide them with the needed forms and logistics.
  • All the following forms must be turned in to the Dijon Program Faculty Liaison (Michel Rocchi):

6. Homestay Questionnaire (Due last Friday in February)

7. Unofficial transcript obtained from the Registrar due same date as Homestay Questionnaire.

8. Dijon Medical form. (Distributed and due later)

9. All students must submit the Dijon Study Abroad Credit Assessment Form to Kathleen Campbell (kcampbell@pugetsound.edu) by September 15th. The form will be emailed to all students who have been approved.

10. Orientation meetings: All Dijon accepted students meet weekly during the fall semester prior to departure with the Dijon Program Faculty Liaison (Michel Rocchi). These meetings will be set up to accommodate all the schedules.

During these meetings, there will be 2 special ones:

a) Kathleen Campbell (Transfer Evaluator at the Registrar) will join us to go over all the details of credits transfer, and registration procedures for Fall Semester UPS courses.

b) Allyson Lindsley from the Office of International Programs will join us to go over pre-departure information relevant to safety, registration, culture shock, and required pre-departure forms such as: Health Form, Liability Form, Student Agreement, Emergency Contact Online Form, etc.

  • If you have any questions about the above process, please consult the Office of International Programs’ website, or contact any of the following, and we will direct you to the right source:


International Programs Website

International Programs Email

Allyson Lindsley International Student Advisor
Howarth Hall # 215

Michel Rocchi, Professor
Chair, French Studies
Michel Rocchi Website
Wyatt Hall # 241

Kathleen Campbell, Transfer Evaluator Registrar’s Office
Jones Hall # 013