Wayne Rickoll Curriculum Vita

Professor of Biology
University of Puget Sound

Office: Thompson 257B
Phone: 253.879.3120

Lab: Thompson 272
Phone: 253.879.5915

BS Rhodes College
PhD Duke University

Cellular and Developmental Biology
My research approach is usually morphological analysis of mutants with specific morphogenetic or subcellular phenotypes. The goal is to learn about the developmental function of a gene and its product. I have used this approach with a variety of organisms.

My current research focuses on cytoskeletal function during dorsal closure in Drosophila.

Courses taught:
Principles of Biology (Biology 111); Mammalian Cell Microanatomy (Biology 374); Developmental Biology (Biology 375); Electron Microscopy (Biology 453); Biology at the Bar (Science in Context 328).


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