Michael Valentine

Mike ValentineProfessor
BS, State University of New York-Albany, 1975
MS, PhD, University of Massachusetts, 1985, 1990

Courses Taught at Puget Sound
Geology 101 (Physical Geology)
Geology 105 (Oceanography)
Geology 113 (Exploring the Solar System)
Geology 206 (Introduction to Geophysics)
Geology 302 (Structural Geology and Tectonics)
Environmental Policy and Decision Making 325 (Geological and Environmental Catastrophes)

Research Paleomagnetism--investigation of past geomagnetic field behavior, including reversals, and using paleomagnetic studies to define past crustal motions Structural Geology--using structural features to define stress and tectonic histories Personal Interests Baseball, rock music, living to fulfill my children's' every whim (will that be American or cheddar cheese on that sandwich?)