Mark Martin

Courses Taught at Puget Sound
Biology 111 (Unity of Life)
Biology 201 (Biology Colloquium)
Biology 350 (Microbiology)
Biology 392 (Intro to Biological Research)
SSI1 165 (Never Really Alone: Symbioses & Parasitism Around and Within Us)

Microbiology--the molecular genetics and ecology of bacterial predators and how such organisms modify population structure within microbial communities

Personal Interests
Metagenomics, bioinformatics, symbioses, and science policy, as well as reading and writing science fiction and fantasy, collecting books, dogs, and chasing after my two sons, Anson and Zachary

Fall 2016
Microbiology (Syllabus)
Never Really Alone

Spring 2017
Unity of Life (Syllabus)