Martins Linauts, PhD, PT

Clinical Associate Professor & Prospective Student Advisor, School of Occupational Therapy

 Martin Linauts

Dr. Linauts is a classically educated anatomist, having earned his doctorate in anatomy with emphasis in neuroanatomy.  He began teaching the subject in 1979 at Oakland University (Michigan) to nursing students and physical therapy students. In order to better address anatomy in the context of rehabilitation, he earned a degree in physical therapy (1986) at Oakland University. He subsequently practiced early intervention pediatric physical therapy and school-based physical therapy for five years. In 1991, Dr. Linauts joined the occupational therapy faculty at University of Puget Sound, where he has taught functional human anatomy and neuroscience ever since. His interests lie in the wiring-diagram of the brain, particularly in the somatosensory and motor systems.

“Being part of the Occupational Therapy Program at University of Puget Sound is a unique and rewarding experience. It is the students, and my OT colleagues, who have inspired me to “hang around” since 1991 despite the fact that I am not an OT. The cohesiveness of the faculty, and the ever-changing character of each cohort of new students, keep me invigorated, and they are what make Puget Sound what it is.”

Research Interests

Though not actively involved in research at this point in his career, Dr. Linauts has published peer-reviewed articles of descriptive research in neuroanatomical tract tracing in Brain Research and in Journal of Comparative Neuroanatomy.

Personal Interests
Dr. Linauts and his wife are avid art collectors, particularly glass art. He enjoys attending cultural events of all sorts, and at home he occupies himself with gourmet cooking, gardening, and relaxing with his three cats. Occasionally he still sits down at his grand piano.  He and his wife maintain close contact, including visitation, with their relatives in Latvia.