Marilyn Bennett

Marilyn BennettAdjunct Professor, Theatre Arts

BA, PhD, University of Washington, 1973, 1982

Marilyn Bennett received her Ph.D. in Theatre History and Criticism from the University of Washington. She has taught and administered theater programs at St. Lawrence University, Hamilton College, Humboldt University, University of San Diego, and University of Puget Sound. An Equity actor, Marilyn has performed on stage and in television in Washington, California, New York and Virginia, and has directed over fifty academic and professional productions. She is also the Managing Artistic Director of Toy Boat Theatre in Tacoma, a frequent guest artist at the University of Washington, Tacoma and Broadway Center for the Performing Arts in Tacoma, and a Program Affiliate in Theatre at the University of Puget Sound. Marilyn seeks to bring affordable, inspiring theater to communities less well served: "Theatre should lift the spirit, engage the mind, excite the senses, and belong to everyone. It is our most vibrant way of sharing our stories and ourselves."