Lisa Johnson

Professor, School of Business and Leadership

BA, MPA, Indiana University
MFA, Pacific Lutheran University
JD, Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College
Ph.D. Portland State University

Lisa Johnson teaches law and legal studies courses, including Law and Ethics in the Business Environment; Environmental Law; Animals, Law, and Society; Corporate Social Responsibility and Law; Cultural Diversity and Law; and, Fashion Law and Public Policy. She is the author of several works, including monographs, textbooks, articles, case studies, and chapters in legal and political theory. 

Fall Semester 2019

BUS 330A Corporate Social Responsibility & Law, TuTh, 8:00-9:20, Mc 307
BUS 340B Corporate Social Responsibility & Law, TuTh, 9:30-10:50, Mc 307
BUS 478A Environmental Law (SRS), TuTh, 11:00-12:20, Mc 320