Lisa Ferrari

Lisa FerrariAssociate Professor, Associate Dean
Politics and Government

BA, Williams College, 1986
MA, Boston University, 1989
PhD, Georgetown University, 1998

Lisa Ferrari teaches in the areas of international relations, international ethics, and U.S.-Canadian relations. Her research in applied ethics currently considers the role of moral theology in Catholic NGOs’ response to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. She also studies Canada’s role in international governance of environmental issues. Her most recent publications include “Catholic and Non-Catholic NGOs Fighting HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: Issue Framing and Collaboration” International Relations (2011), and “More Maple Leaf, Less CO2: The International System and Canada’s Role in a Global Geo-Engineering Regime” (with Elizabeth L. Chalecki) Canadian Foreign Policy Journal (2012). She is currently serving as an associate academic dean.