Kristen Streahle

Visiting Assistant Professor
Art and Art History

Kristin StreahleBA, Temple University, Tyler School of Art, 2009
MA, PhD, Cornell University, 2012, 2017

Kristen received her Ph.D. in 2017 from Cornell University and recently finished a postdoctoral fellowship at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz-Max-Planck-Institut. She is working on her first book, In Pursuit of Magnificence: Art and Literature in Medieval Sicily, which focuses on the painted ceiling of the Palazzo Chiaromonte-Steri in Palermo, Sicily. The International Center of Medieval Art recently awarded the book project with a Kress Research and Publication Grant, which funded a research trip to Sicily this past summer to study a handful of medieval painted ceilings hidden above later Baroque coverings or tucked away in museum storage facilities.

She is also beginning research towards a second book, entitled Routes of Rejoicing: Ceremonial Practices in Medieval Port Cities (1200-1500). In a series of case studies, she will scrutinize cultural and mercantile exchange on the Mediterranean waterfronts, including Tunis, Palermo, Almería, and other sites. This multidisciplinary project is a recent recipient of the Renaissance Society of America's Kress-Beinecke Library Fellowship which will bring her to Yale University this coming summer. 

At Puget Sound, Kristen teaches foundation courses in the department, including the first part of the survey and the introduction to methodologies in the discipline. In the spring, she will teach an upper-level course that focuses on the development of port cities in the medieval Mediterranean.