Puget Sound is home to three innovative and interdisciplinary programs that examine the relationship between Science and Values. Their courses prepare students from the sciences, humanities, and social sciences to confront real-world challenges relating to public policy, ethics, values, social justice, and the place of science and technology in our changing world. This combination of programs is unique to Puget Sound — you simply won’t find it anywhere else!

Where Science meets the World!

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Environmental Policy and Decision Making Program

How do we develop effective and rigorous environmental policies when people hold different values?

Bioethics Program

Is it morally permissible to eliminate genetic disease by modifying DNA in embryo through CRISPR/Cas9?
How should artificial wombs change our perceptions of gender and family?
Should Artificial Intelligence have rights?
Is human cloning morally acceptable?‚Äč

Science, Technology and Society Program

How do science and technology interact with religion, philosophy, art, politics, and social values in the past and the present?