Kelly Erickson


Visiting Assistant Professor
Politics and Government

BA, University of San Diego, 1996
MA, University of Virginia, 2002
PhD, University of Virginia, 2010 (expected 2013)

Kelly Erickson has taught courses on international relations, U.S. foreign policy and national security, the role of military force in international relations, the causes of war, terrorism and insurgency, international organization, and ethics and statecraft. He has previously taught at Oregon State University, the University of San Diego, and the University of Virginia. Kelly has been an invited participant at the Summer Workshop on the Analysis of Military Operations and Strategy (SWAMOS) sponsored by Columbia University’s Institute for War and Peace Studies, and the Summer Strategic Seminar sponsored by the US Air Force Institute for National Security Studies.  His current research focuses on the effect the intersection of levels of multilateralism and alignment of strategic interests have on ally support for U.S. military interventions.