Workshop and Seminar Attendance

Digital Humanities Workshop                                                                                   June 2012

Organized and attended  two-day long “Blending Digital Humanities with Literary Studies” workshop

ACTFL Annual Convention (Denver, CO)                                                         November, 2011

             Participated in Writing for Proficiency workshop and Language Teaching panels.

CWLT Faculty Writing Workshop (Tacoma, WA)                                                       May, 2011

Learned about how to help students write better papers by revising specific assignments and engaging in discussion with facilitator John Bean.

Digital Humanities Workshop                                                                                     June 2010

Learned about emerging digital technologies to support the creation of humanistic knowledge and explored specific digital projects in the humanities

NITLE E-Portfolio Workshop                                                                                  October 2008

Learned about the possible applications of electronic portfolios in the liberal arts setting

Sustainability in the Curriculum Workshop                                                            August 2008

Learned the tools to integrate an aspect of environmental sustainability into the courses I teach.

NITLE Digital Storytelling Workshop                                                                      August 2008

Explored available software that can be used to enhance writing in my courses.  Twitter, VoiceThread, and SlideShare were tested, along with blogs and wikis.

ADFL Summer Seminars for Chairs                                                                             June 2008

Attended with Associate Chair Diane Kelley to learn about the issues FLLDs are facing, and their strategies for change and development.

CIC (Council of Independent Colleges) Department Chairs Seminar                        April 2007

Acquired knowledge and tools to perform my new responsibilities as chair of FLLD

NITLE Emerging Technologies and the Liberal Arts Campus                                   March 2007

Examined the instructional applications of new technologies such as podcasting, blogging, wikis, and virtual environments such as Second Life.

Adobe Premiere Elements Workshop for FLLD                                                          March 2007

Learnt the basics of editing film clips for instructional use in the classroom.

NITLE Digital Video Production with Windows Movie Maker                                 January 2007

Explored recording and then editing digital video material

PowerPoint Level I Workshop                                                                              December 2003

Learned how to create and show slides using the program

Introduction to Blackboard                                                                                        August 2003

Learned how to create and manage an online course using the program.

Macromedia Flash MX Workshop                                                                                    May 2002

Learned how to design and deliver cross-platform, low-bandwidth animations, presentations and web applications using Flash

Culpeper Summer Workshop                                                                                           June 2001

Learned about and tested tools for website hosting, digital photography and video, and graphics software.

Murdock Technology Initiative                                                                                          May 2001

Participated in the planning the contents of the Developing Workshop held in July.

NorthWest Language Consortium Technology Summer Conference                          August 2000

Learned information on multimedia software and other materials available to language professors, which will help enhance the quality of foreign language teaching.

Mellon Foundation Intensive Work Week at Middlebury College                                    June 2000

Acquired technical resources for development of on-line project.                                                        

Mellon Foundation Faculty Mentoring Program at Middlebury College                           June 1999

Was provided technical support for Faculty home pages and for special on-line projects for classes.

Learn How To Spin Your Own Web Pages                                                                          May 1997

Received hands-on training on the basics of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and learned how to add Graphics, Tables and Links to Web Pages, and how to move these to a Web Server using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). 

Technology: The Foreign Language Connection                                                           October 1996

Acquired the tools to incorporate multimedia technology into the Foreign Language classroom in order to facilitate a more diverse learning environment.

Teaching for Proficiency Seminar                                                                                    August 1995

Acquired techniques to teach the four skills with a Communicative approach to emphasize Proficiency over Achievement.

ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)                                                                               May 1995

Received training in administering the oral examination for the global assessment of a student's functional speaking ability.