Professional Service

  • Ongoing

Member of the International Education Committee                  2013-present

Review semester-long, summer and short-term study abroad programs.

Member of Latina/o Studies Advisory Committee                             2013-present

Help create curriculum, design courses, hire director, and promote the minor throughout the campus.

Member of Pierce Lecture in the Arts Review Committee         2003-Present

Suggest and evaluate possible speakers for the Lecture series. Past speakers include Philip Glass, Twyla Tharp, Sherman Alexie, Spike Lee, Carlos Fuentes, Wole Soyinka, Junot Diaz and Edwidge Danticat.

Member of multiple FLLD Search Committees                                 2000-present

Participate in selection of candidates, MLA and campus interviews; plan and attend teaching demos and scholarly talks, and other activities associated with the hiring of permanent and temporary positions in Spanish and the other languages.

Academic Advisor                                                                                        2000-present  

Offer freshmen and majors in Hispanic Studies direction in the choice of classes, and insight into the nature and importance of a University education.

Member of Latin American Studies Advisory Committee             2000-present

Help create curriculum, design courses, and promote the minor throughout the campus. Team- taught LAS 100 with program director (2004 and 2005).


  • Past

Organizer of I Jornadas Literarias en Oaxaca                                                    November 2015

Planned and coordinated an academic conference on the representation of death in art and literature in Latin America.

Site director of PLU/UPS Study Away Program                                                      Fall 2015

Supported a group of 13 students from three universities (PLU, UPS, KC) during a semester of study abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico; coordinated activities and events; taught a literature class during session II of the program.

Co-organizer of Spanish Matters Colloquium                                                       2006-2015

Helped organize this academic conference, founded by Hispanic Studies at the University of Puget Sound, on Hispanic literature for all 10 years of its existence.

Member of the Informal Committee on Teaching                                                   2006-2014

Planned and scheduled talks and round tables on issues concerning teaching at UPS, where guest speakers as well as members of the committee join in the discussions.

Member of Puget Sound Teaching and Technology group                                Spring 2013

Planned a workshop for the May meeting of the Board of Trustees, to present campus initiatives with educational technology and to showcase faculty work.

Member of Puget Sound team at the NW5C                                                                Fall 2012

Traveled to Skamania Lodge in Oregon for a retreat to kick off the consortium work among the five colleges of the Northwest.

External reviewer for tenure and promotion                                                       Fall 2012

Performed evaluation of Dr. Edgar Cota-Torres’ work for his tenure and promotion review at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Member of the Diversity Committee                                                                              2009-2012

Worked to increase the social diversity of campus by participating in the development of initiatives to hire and retain faculty from historically under-represented populations.

Member of USWG (Undocumented Students Work Group)                                 Spring 2011

Met with members of offices across campus to explore ways in which the university can better support this segment of the student population.

Member of Bias-Hate Educational Response Team (BERT)                                     2010-2013

Represented the Diversity Committee and explored ways to respond to incidents on campus.

FLL Department Chair                                                                                                           2006-2009

Managed the budget and the schedule; supervised staff and work study students; led faculty and staff searches, conducted class observations, headed faculty reviews, served as liaison between faculty and administration.

On-site reviewer of Study Abroad Programs                                                           June 2009

Traveled to Quito, Perú and Buenos Aires, Argentina to review and evaluate existing programs in order to assess their continued suitability for Puget Sound students.

Member of review board for the Office of International Programs             Spring 2009

Helped assess the effectiveness of the international education office and prepare the review report.

Member of evaluation committee for sabbatical applications                         Fall 2008

Reviewed applications and approved sabbatical fellowships for 2009-2010

Prelude Program Instructor                                                                  Summer 2000, 2001, 2003, 2007

Help to initiate new students into the academic community at UPS, by critically engaging college-level materials drawn from a variety of disciplines.

Member of Academic Standards Committee                                                                 2004-2007

Reviewed academic policies, examined students’ records, and heard petitions.

Advisor to the Honor Court and Member of the Integrity Code Board           2000-2006

Provided a setting to hear and establish the facts in case of a violation of the Code, determined responsibility for alleged violations, and recommended sanctions.

Presenter at Fall Family Weekend                                                                          October 2005

Represented FLL department and gave presentation to parents and students

Participant on Site Visit for Study Abroad Program                                     August 2004

Traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico and met with PLU and UPS faculty members to tour the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca and examine its suitability as site of study abroad program.

Faculty Sponsor for Student Internship                                                            Spring 2004

Sponsored a student’s initiative to do a cooperative education placement with the Centro Latino, discussing the experience and evaluating student’s learning.

Honor Thesis Reader                                                                                                      2003- 2004

Read and provided suggestions to Demetra Panagakos ’04 on her thesis titled “Empowering the Latino Immigrant Community through Education”.

Honor Thesis Director                                                                                                   2002-2003

Provided guidance and critical help to Kathy Heimann ‘03 on the writing of her thesis titled “Three generations: The Changing Roles of Women in The Back Room by Carmen Martín Gaite”.

Member of Faculty Planning Group                                                                         Summer 2002

Met with president Pierce, dean Cooney and group of faculty to discuss initiatives geared to achieve goals proposed in the document “Strategic Priorities: Goals for this Decade”.

Textbook reviewer for McGraw-Hill Higher Education                                    Spring 2002

Examined and wrote a critical review of Imágenes de España. Panorama de la formación de España y de las culturas hispánicas, a textbook on Spanish culture and civilization being considered by McGraw-Hill to be distributed in the U.S.

Participant in New Faculty Orientation Program                                                  August 2001

Provided perspective of a third-year faculty member on what it is like to work at UPS.

Panelist at John Wiley’s Focus Group at AATSP Conference                             July 2001

Discussed current issues and concerns in the field of introductory/Intermediate Spanish

Member of the Library, Media and Academic Computing Committee               Spring 2001

Provided advice on the role of computing in support of the academic program; helped the library and academic computing plan the development and integration of their services.

Session Chair at ALFH Conference                                                                                  Fall 2000

Introduced speakers and led group discussion on “Representation, Fantasy and Cultural Identity in Ferre and Ocampo’ works” at the Toronto conference.

Student Teacher University Supervisor (UN Omaha)                                               1996-1998

Observed student teachers in school activities and provided evaluation information to the coordinator of Student Teaching in the College of Education.

Member of the FL Department Language Lab Committee (UN Omaha)                 1996-1998

Held monthly meetings, and allocated the lab maintenance and purchasing budget.

Proctor for Spanish 202 (UN Lincoln)                                                                               1995-1996

Supervised the formatting of all course materials, planned weekly meetings and coordinated the preparation of exams and quizzes.

Research Assistant to the Coordinator for Spanish 202 (UN Lincoln)                 Spring 1995

Participated in workshops, visited classes, held weekly meetings, coordinated practicum’s and wrote examinations.

Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Interdisciplinary Literary Studies (UN Lincoln) 1995-97

Revised and corrected articles for publication in JILS.