Iain Watts

Iain WattsVisiting Assistant Professor, Department of History, and Program in Science, Technology, and Society.
Office hours:  Monday 1:30-4:00pm; Thursday 1:00-2:00pm; and by appointment most afternoons (please email).

Iain Watts teaches courses in modern European history and on science and technology in the modern world. He specializes in the history of science and technology during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with a particular interest in the relationship between science and the history of communication and media. 

His PhD research, completed at Princeton University in 2015, uses galvanism—the science of electricity, matter, and life— to reconstruct the movement of “scientific information” during the disruptive period of the Napoleonic Wars and after (1790-1830). This work aims to understand how the interplay of different techniques and media of communication—from journals and newspapers to letters and conversations—variously shaped the rise of modern science around 1800. For more on Iain's research and publications, and for a current CV, see his website at www.iainwatts.com.

Spring 2016 courses:

History 320 "Europe and the World in the Age of
     Revolutions (1789-1848)"
        TTh 9:30-10:50, Wyatt 307.

SSI2 183a  "Information from Gutenberg to Google"
    MWF 10:00-1050, Wyatt 306

SSI2 183b  "Information from Gutenberg to Google"
     MWF 12:00-12:50, Wyatt 305