Holley Hansen

Professor Holley Hansen

Visiting Assistant Professor; Politics and Government

BA & BS, Truman State University, 2002
MA, University of Iowa, 2003
PhD, University of Iowa, 2009

Holley Hansen teaches a range of courses in comparative politics and international relations, and her teaching interests include courses on ethnic conflict, European politics, and international organizations.  Her current research examines ethnic politics in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union with an emphasis on how minority groups impact the political process in emerging democracies.  Her dissertation (completed in December 2009) focuses on the Russian minority in the Baltic Republics and Ukraine.  Past co-authored articles include “National Identity: Civic, Ethnic, Hybrid, and Atomised Individuals” in Europe-Asia Studies (2009), and “IO Mediation of Interstate Conflicts: Moving Beyond the Global versus Regional Dichotomy” in the Journal of Conflict Resolution (2008).  She has previously served as a Visiting Instructor at Knox College and a Visiting Professor at Wilkes University, where she also served as the Director of Women’s Studies.