William Haltom

William HaltomProfessor
Politics and Government

BA, MA, PhD, University of Washington, 1975, 1978, 1984

Bill Haltom teaches about U.S. politics, law, mass media, and writing. His latest book, Orwell's "Politics and the English Language" in the Age of Pseudocracy ‚Äč[co-authored with Hans A. Ostrom], discussed an often-assigned classic as a guide to writing in the 21st century. A previous book, Distorteing the Law: Politics, Media, and the Litigation Crisis [co-authored with Michael W. McCann], won awards from the American Political Science Association's section on law and courts and from The Law and Society Association. He interpreted politics and politicking in a Hollywood film in the essay "The Laws of God, the Laws of Man: Power, Authority, and Influence in 'Cool Hand Luke' " in the journal Legal Studies Forum in 1998. 

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Pacific Northwest Political Science Association 2019
"Regional Cultures of the United States: The Problem of Serial Interdisciplinarity"

Western Political Science Association 2019
"Roads to Pseudocracy: Charting Major Contributors to the Rule of Falsehoods"

Pacific Northwest Political Science Association 2015
"It's Not What They Say; It's What They Do Not Say [and Perhaps Do Not Even Think]

Litigation, Mass Media, and the Campaign to Criminalize the Firearms Industry

Criminalizing Big Tobacco
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"The American legal system is dangerously corrupt"--Judicial Watch

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Cool Hand Luke
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WPSA 1996 Bruce Springsteen Paper
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