Curriculum Vita

Geoffrey S. Proehl


PhD (directing and dramatic criticism), Stanford University, June 1988

MFA (directing), Wayne State University, 1977: Hilberry Fellowship

BA (lang. arts teaching and drama), George Fox College, 1973: Intensified Studies (honors program)




Professor (2004-present), University of Puget Sound, Dept. of Theatre Arts: classes taught, “Humanities 120: Dionysus and the Theater,” “Theatrical Experience,” “Theatre History I: From the Origins of Theatre to the 18th Century,” “Theatre History II: 19th and 20th Century Theatre,” “Contemporary Theatre, Theory and Performance,” “Projects in Dramaturgy”

Distinguished Professor, 2009

Chair, James M. Dolliver National Endowment for the Humanities Seminar, 2009-2012

Chair, Department of Theatre Arts, July 2003 to July 2007

Faculty Teaching Award, fall 2004, fall 2000

Assistant Professor, Villanova University, Dept. of Theatre (visiting, 1988-92; tenure track, 1992-1994): graduate courses —“Dramaturgy: Classic Traditions,” “Dramaturgy: Modern Traditions,” “Greek Tragedy”; undergraduate courses — “Theatrical Experience,” “Senior Seminar”

Stanford University, Dept. of Drama, 1982-1988: “Intro. to Acting”; teaching assistant for Sandra Richards’s writing intensive course in American drama; research assistant, “The Shakespeare Project,” interac­tive CD project sponsored by Stanford University and Apple Computer

Canby High School, Canby, OR, 1974-75; 1977-82: Advanced  Placement English, Humanities; Teacher of the Year, 1979-80

Idylwild School of Music and the Arts, Idylwild, CA, summer 1975: theater for children

Dayton High School, Dayton, OR, 1973-74: English and drama teacher




University of Puget Sound, director: 1620 Bank Street by C. Rosalind Bell (reading) fall 2008; The New Orleans Monologues by C. Rosalind Bell – readings, fall 2006, Race and Pedagogy Conference; March 2007, Northwest Playwrights Alliance; full productions – fall 2007 at Puget Sound, winter 2008, at Broadway Center for the Performing Arts; A Midsummer Night’s Dream, fall 2006; Angels in America, Part I, fall 2004; Wild Goose Circus by Russell Davis, spring 2004; If I Should Die Before I Wake: Three Short Plays by Thornton Wilder, fall 2002; Three Sisters, fall 2000; Vinegar Tom, fall 1999; Our Town, fall 1998; Our Country’s Good, fall 1997; The Sea Gull, fall 1996; Twelfth Night, fall 1995; Dandelion Wine, spring 1995

University of Puget Sound, dramaturg: 1620 Bank Street by C. Rosalind Bell, 2009; The New Orleans Monologues by C. Rosalind Bell, 2006-2008; Chism Seminar in Contemporary Theater and Performance, spring 2000

Villanova University, 1988 to 1994: director, Midsummer Night's Dream, spring 1994; dir., The Cat Is Dead (new play), spring 1993; artistic director, Plays-In-Process I, new plays by Jules Tasca, Steve Shade, and David Rabe, fall 1992; dir., Master Harold and the Boys, spring 1992; dir., The Birthday Party, spring 1991; dir., Butchers, (new play), fall 1989; dramaturg, Shakun­tala, ACTF recognition, fall 1989; dir. Hedda Gabler, (prem. of new translation), spring 1989; co-moderator, The Playwrights' Group at Villanova, fall of 1990 to 1994

Stanford University, 1982-1988: director, As You Like It; Hippo­lytus (Seneca); No Exit; This Is the Rill Speaking, Pullman Car Hiawatha

Wayne State University, 1975-77: adaptor and dir., Dandelion Wine (Bradbury); dir., Line



New Harmony Project, New Harmony, Indiana, spring 2005: dramaturg with writer Russell Davis and director Danny Jenkins for two week residency to work on Mahida’s Extra Key to Heaven

Museum of Glass, Tacoma: dramaturgical consultant for dialogue created for “Glass of the Avant-Garde: From Vienna Secession to Bauhaus,” July 2003

Museum of Glass, Tacoma: author for interpretive dialogue commissioned by the museum for the exhibit, “The Inner Light: Sculpture of Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Brychtova,” July of 2002

Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis: dramaturg, Antony and Cleopatra with director Mark Lamos: winter 2001-2002

New Harmony Project, New Harmony, Indiana, spring 2000: dramaturg with writer Russell Davis and director Abigail Adams for two week residency to work on The Song of Grendelyn

Tacoma Actors Guild, editor, educational dramaturgy for Twelfth Night, 1997-98 season; To Kill a Mockingbird, 1996-97 season

People's Light and Theatre: dramaturg, Peter Pan, fall 1993

Arena Stage, Wash., D.C., 1985: assist. dir. to Lucian Pintilie, Tartuffe

TheatreWorks, Palo Alto, 1985: dir., Foxfire; associate dir., On the Razzle

Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis, 1984: assist. dir. to  Lucian Pintilie, Tartuffe 


Publications And Related Projects


Author, Toward a Dramaturgical Sensibility (Fairleigh Dickinson UP, forthcoming, 2008; Outstanding Book Award, 2009, Association for Theatre in Higher Education)

Author, Coming Home Again: American Family Drama and the Figure of the Prodigal (Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 1997)

Co-editor with Susan Jonas and Michael Lupu and con­tributor to Dramaturgy in American Theater: A Source Book (Harcourt Brace, 1997)



Invited Contributor, “Canadian Road Trip: An Oblique State of Mind,” Canadian Theatre Review: Special Issue on Dramaturgy, summer 2004

Invited Contributor, “Dramaturgy and Silence,” Theatre Topics: Dramaturgy Special Issue 13.1 (2003): 25-33.

Invited Contributor, Special Section on Dramaturgy, American Theatre: January 2001

Invited Contributor, “Rehearsing Dramaturgy: Time Is Passing,” Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism 13.1 (1998): 103-12.

“Rehearsing Dramaturgy: Olivia’s Moment,” Theatre Topics 9.2 (1999): 197-202.

“Foucault on Discourse; O'Neill as Discourse,” Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism, spring 1990

Articles on “dramaturgy,” the “dramaturg,” and “theatricality” for the Encyclopedia of English Studies, Scholastic Press, 1994

Articles on the teaching of Sophocles, Yeats, and Eliot in the secondary school, Oregon English, 1980, 1982


Projects: Editorial, Archival

Archivist, Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas: 2002 to present

Editor and contributor, “Dramaturgy Northwest,” June 1996 to present


Contributor, The LMDA Source Book, Vol. 3, Lee Devin, ed.(in-house publication, 2003)

Editor and contributor, LMDA Review, fall 1998 to spring 2001: six issues

Editorial Board, Theatre Topics: 1999 to present

Contributor to The LMDA Source Book, Vol. 2, Lee Devin and Susan Jonas, ed.(in-house publication, 1997) : "Dramaturgy and the Internet: Three Projects," "Dramaturgy and the Liberal Arts"

Compiler, “LMDA Guide to Dramaturgy Programs,” 1997 to 2001

Editor, “LMDA Bibliography,” 1993 to present

Founder, Univ. Caucus E-Mail Dist. List for Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas, 1994 to present (now the LMDA Discussion List)

Contributor, The LMDA Source Book, Vol. 1, Susan Jonas, ed.(in-house publication, 1992)


Panels and Presentations

“Writing about Theatre Practice,” invited panelist; recipient, Outstanding Book Award, 2009 (ATHE/New York City, August 2009)

“The Suzan-Lori Parks Project,” brief presentation with C. Rosalind Bell (LMDA/Washington, D.C., July 2009)

“Collaborating with DD Kugler on Toward a Dramaturgical Sensibility” (LMDA Canada, Mini-Conference on Dramaturgy/Toronto, June 2009)

“Dramaturgy, Our World, and Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra,” IES Seminar on Developments in Contemporary Theatre (London, Sept. 2008)

“Killing Snakes/Eating Strawberries” (ATHE/Denver, August 2008)

“On The New Orleans Monologues” with C. Rosalind Bell and Grace Livingston (ATHE/New Orleans, July 2007)

“How Do We Get Better at What We Do?” for panel of the same name (LMDA/Toronto, June 2007)

“Race, Curriculum, and the Performing Arts: Opportunities and Challenges” (Race and Pedagogy Conference/Univ. of Puget Sound, Sept. 2006: chair and organizer 

“Prospero’s Books: Dramaturgs and Archives” (LMDA/Minneapolis, June 2006)

“Dramaturgical Analysis: Various Pathways” (LMDA/Austin, June 2005)

“Dramaturgy and Pedagogy: Exploring/Exploding the Assumptions,” (ATHE/Toronto, Aug. 2004)

“Toward A Dramaturgical Sensibility (Again): Seven Themes,” (LMDA/Philadelphia, June 2004).

“Having Time To Play,” Workshop with Shannon O’Donnell of People’s Light and Theatre Co. (LMDA/Philadelphia, June 2004)

 “The Pedestrian, or Walking Along the Curve of the Earth,” for panel entitled, “Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas: Exploring the Dramaturgy of a Play,” (ATHE/New York, August, 2003)

Presentation on Dramaturgy Northwest for panel entitled “Dramaturgy and Cyberspace,” (ATHE/New York, August, 2003)

“‘Not Know Me Yet?’: Dramaturgy and The Unexplored” (LMDA/Chicago, June 2003)

Invited Guest Speaker, “The Invisible Art: Dramaturgy in American Theater,” Swarthmore College, Feb. 7-9, 2003

Invited Guest Speaker, International Dramaturgy Symposium, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts, March 1-3, 2002

Invited Guest Speaker, “Garden/Map/Poem —Three Graces, Three Pleasures,” Museum of Glass, Alumni Event, Feb. 22, 2003: excerpt published in Arches

Invited Guest Speaker, Dramaturgy Class, Simon Fraser University: spring 1999, spring 2000, spring 2003

“Dramaturgy and Silence,” (LMDA/Vancouver, BC), June 2002

“The Problem with Theater and the Work of Rehearsal: A Multi-Media Presentation on the Anti-Theatrical Prejudice and on Rehearsal as a Way of Knowing” (Regester Lecture, fall 2001, Univ. of Puget Sound): excerpt published in Arches

“Responding to Our Critics: Terry McCabe’s Attack on Dramaturgy” (ATHE/Chicago, August, 2001)

“Guide, Bibliography, Archive, Chronology, and Ecology,” (LMDA, Denver, June 2001)

“Ménage à Trois: Two Part Panel with Designers, Directors, and Dramaturgs,” (ATHE/Washington, DC, August 2000)

“Looking at LMDA,” (LMDA/Fairfax, Virginia, June 2000): published LMDA Review, fall 2000

“Rehearsing Dramaturgy: Beginnings,” paper for a panel entitled, “Rehearsal: a conversation,”  (ATHE/Toronto, July 1999)

Invited Guest, PanCanadian playRites 1999 Visitors’ Blitz Weekend (Calgary, March 1999)

“Rehearsing Dramaturgy: Olivia’s Moment,” paper for a panel entitled “Rehearsal: Script into Play” (ATHE/San Antonio, August 1998)

Participant, Univ. Caucus Hot Topics Panel (LMDA, Columbia Univ., June 1998): see above paper for Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism (“Rehearsing Dramaturgy: Time Is Passing”)

Invited Guest, PanCanadian playRites 1998 Visitors’ Blitz Weekend (Calgary, March 1999, March 1998)

Invited Guest, “Theatrefest 1998,” Texas Educational Theatre Association, panel entitled “A Dialogue with Professional and Academic Dramaturgs in America (Dallas, January, 1998)

"Time in the Air: Autobiography, Playscript, Perform­ance, and Rehearsal," paper for a panel entitled "Training for Dramaturg-Director Relationships" (ATHE/Chicago, August 1997)

"Rehearsal Moments," paper (LMDA/Yale Univ., June 1997)

“Passion and the Questioning Spirit: A Conversation on the Role of the Dramaturg in American Theatre and Education,” co-chair and panel coordinator for this double session involving over twenty leaders in the field of dramaturgy from university and professional theatre (ATHE/New York, August 1996)

“Dramaturgy and the Internet,” paper and presentation on three projects involving dramaturgy and new technologies (LMDA/Toronto/June 1996)

“On the Road Again: American Family Drama and the Prodigal Impulse,” paper delivered for a panel entitled “Gone West: Pilgrim, Prodigal, and Picaro in the Cultural Geography of Modern Drama” (ATHE/San Francisco, August 1995)

“Exploring the Relationship Between Dramaturgy and Directing,” Jim Christy (Villanova Univ.), Jane Ann Crum (Catholic Univ.), David Krasner (Univ. of Idaho), Harriet Power (Villanova Univ.), John Rindo (Univ. of Puget Sound)”: panel coordinator (ATHE/San Francisco, August 1995)

“Dramaturgy and the Dramaturg in Undergraduate Education,” moderator and paper (LMDA/Los Angeles, June 1995)

“The Images Before Us: Implied Models for the Dramaturg in American Theatre,” paper delivered for a panel entitled “Dramaturgy/Pedagogy: Part I--Educating the Dramaturg” (ATHE/Philadelphia, August 1993)

“Dramaturg Training in Universities,” moderator/bilingual panel (LMDA/Montréal, June 1993)

“Dramaturgs at Work: Creative Theatre Making,” participant in interactive workshop (ECTC/Philadelphia, Feb. 1993)

“The Sentimental Spectator,” paper delivered for a panel entitled “Constituting the Audience”; fellow panelists, Rush Rehm and Charles Lyons of Stanford University (Theory and Crit. Forum, ATHE/Atlanta, August 1992)

“Teaching Dramaturgy,” presentation on curriculum for course in production dramaturgy (ATHE/Seattle, August 1992)

“Training New Dramaturgs,” co-moderator; panelists included Mark Bly (Yale School of Drama), Michael Lupu (Guthrie Theatre), Richard Pettengill (Goodman Theatre) (LMDA/Seattle, June 1992)

“How to Teach Dramaturgy: Pre-Conference, Annual Meeting of Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas,” presentation on models for the dramaturg/director relationship (LMDA/Seattle/June 1992)

“Creativity, Collaboration, and the Shakespearean Text: Part I--Raising Questions, Making Problems; Part II--Gener­ating Approaches; Part III--Exchanging Approaches, Moving On”; three interactive workshops involving directors, dramaturgs, and designers from university and professional theatres (SUNY – Stony Brook, Southern Methodist, Bryn Mawr, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore College, Goodman Theatre, Huntington Theatre, Irondale Ensemble, Classic Stage Company), organizer/modera­tor (ECTC/Baltimore, Feb. 1992)

“Re-Theorizing the Carnivalesque: Models of Communication in Clowning, Rock Music and Theatrical Improvisation,” proposal coordinator (Theory and Crit. Forum, ATHE/Seattle, Aug. 1991)

“Theatricality: Theory and Practice,” coordinator and par­ticipant with Michael Lupu (dramaturg), Theodora Skipi­tares (solo performer), Jeff Steitzler (professional director), and Lon Winston (designer) (Directing Forum, ATHE/Seattle, Aug. 1991)

“Creativity and the Collaborative Process,” three panels involving directors, dramaturgs, and other theatre practitioners with backgrounds in academic and profes­sional theatre; coordinator and participant (ECTC/Albany, Feb. 1991)

“Perspectives on Horton Foote,” paper delivered for panel on Horton Foote (Religion and Theatre Forum, ATHE/Chicago, Aug. 1990)

“The Figure of the Prodigal,” paper (ECTC/Wilmington, Feb. 1990)

"Theatre in American Higher Education: Respected Discipline or Academic ‘Poor Cousin,’” respondent (ECTC/Philadel­phia, Feb. 1989)



To the Profession

President, Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas: 1998-2000

Archivist, Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas: 2002 to present

Co-Moderator, University Caucus, Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas: 2004-2008

External Examiner, School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University, spring 2003: one of three examiners brought in for a three day review of the school and its programs

Outside Examiner, MFA committee, Simon Fraser University: 2000-2007, four different thesis projects

Focus Group Rep (chair), Dramaturgy Focus Group of ATHE (Association for Theatre in Higher Education, 1998-2000

Conference Planner, Dramaturgy Focus Group, ATHE, 1998-1998

Founder, Univ. Caucus E-Mail Dist. List for Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas, 1994 to present

Honors examiner in dramaturgy and theatre history; Swarthmore College, 1991, 1992, 1993

Vice-President, University Caucus, LMDA, 1993-1995

Co-Founder, LMDA University Caucus Pre-Conference, 1992

National Planning Committee, Annual Conference of Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas, Philadelphia, June 1991

Tenure or promotion reviews for various universities 1990 to present

Professional Associations

Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE)

Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of America (LMDA)