Senior Theses

History Majors at UPS participate in a section of History 400, in which they complete a research paper based on primary and secondary sources—AKA, the "Senior Thesis." In my section of History 400, I used to encourage students to work on some topic related to the North American West or the Pacific Northwest—in part because local archives support such research, and in part because Western and Pacific Northwestern history are central to my work. As a department, we now formally make all sections of History 400 open to all topics in history, no matter region or period. In recent years, many students have taken up topics in medieval history. 

Some students do take up local and regional topics. For example, students in one section of History 400 wrote papers on the Cushman Indian School in Puyallup, the commemoration of the Whitmans and the creation of a sense of place in Walla Walla, the "frontier" experience of "Rosie the Riveter," the role of food in 19th century travel and exploration in the West—and a host of other topics. I hope that this online archive of papers will be a way to share the fruits of their original research with people interested in Western and Pacific Northwestern history—both within the Puget Sound community and beyond. As you will see, students often explore topics outside of this area as well. Below is a sampling of the papers that have been written over the years. I hope to add more papers in the future. Each of the papers has something new to offer—you're invited to browse and enjoy!

Note to former students: If you are a former history 400 student, and your paper is not below, that is probably because I don't have an electronic copy of your final paper. If you would like it to be included, please send it to me (and I hope all is well). doug


Priyanki Vora (2020), Ayurveda in The Face of Globalized Medicine: The Place of Diagnostic Technology In a South Asian Medical Tradition

Adelaide Beeman-White (2020), Finding Maria: Based on the 1893 Diary of Maria A. Cox

Ian Thorne (2020), “Get Hyphy”: An analysis of Bay Area Immigration History through Bay Area Hip Hop

Elan Bowman (2020), Narratives of Surveillance from Oakland to Vietnam: An Internationalist Study of American Policing During the Cold War

Emma Conway (2020), The hereditary ill and historically disenfranchised: the role of anti-psychiatry in the United States from the mid-20th century to the present 

Skyler Allen (2020), Walking a Tightrope Between East and West: Post-Cold War Ukraine, the United States-Russia Divide, and the Complexity of the Modern Ukrainian Situation

Fran Leskover (2020), Becoming an American: The American Intelligence Service during the War for Independence and a Notion of Liminality 

Olive Mullen (2020), Threads of Imperialism: Knowledge Production and Identity in American Quilts 

Nick Ehrhard (2020), From Reich to Riches: German POWs and Their Great American Vacation