Diane Kelley

Professor, French Studies

BA, College of William and Mary, 1990
MA, PhD, University of California - Los Angeles, 1993, 1998

Ever since joining the French team here at Puget Sound in 1999, Diane has enjoyed bringing her enthusiasm for French language, culture and in particular early modern French literature to the classroom.  She gets to teach everything from beginning and intermediate French language classes to courses on French culture to senior-level literature seminars.  At UCLA, her dissertation analyzed fiction by women writers at the turn of the eighteenth century, including Mme de Lafayette, Catherine Bernard and Mme de Tencin.  Her more recent research has included publications and conference presentations on Mme de Graffigny, Voltaire and Diderot.  As a result of her sabbatical in Spring 2014 during which she concentrated on the Revolutionary period in France, Diane has developed a Freshman seminar on the French Revolution, coursework on the French Revolution to be taught in upper-division French classes, and written about a French salon woman who lived through the Terror, Mme Helvétius.  Other areas of interest include the book trade of the eighteenth century, correspondances and new pedagogical approaches to teaching language, history and literature.

Diane served as chair of the Foreign Languages and Literature Department for five years and is an active member of the International Education Committee.  She is proud to be a member of the vibrant French Studies Department at Puget Sound.