Denise M. Glover

Visiting Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

BA, Bard College, 1989
MA, University of Hawaii, 1993
PhD, University of Washington, 2005


Publications (Articles, books, book chapters)

      “Viral Signs: Confronting Cultural Relativism with Children’s Health in the Field” in Candice Cornett and Tami Blumenfield (eds) Doing Fieldwork in China—with Kids! The Dynamics of Accompanied Research in the PRC. NIAS Press. 2015.

      Asian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity, special issue (5.2): “Conservation, Cultivation, and Commodification of Medicinal Plants in the Greater Himalayan-Tibetan Plateau,” with Sienna Craig (Introductory Essay authors & issue editors). 2011.

      Explorers and Scientists in China’s Borderlands, 1880-1950. Denise M. Glover, Stevan Harrell, Charles F. McKhann, and Margaret B. Swain (eds). University of Washington Press. 2011.

        At Home in Two Worlds: Ernest Henry Wilson as Natural Historian” in Denise M. Glover, Stevan Harrell, Charles F. McKhann, and Margaret B. Swain (eds) Explorers and Scientists in China’s Borderlands, 1880-1950. University of Washington Press. 2011.

        “Local Communities and Natural Resources: Ethnobiology in Practice” (Laura Zanotti, Denise M. Glover, and Jennifer Sepez) in Ismael Vaccaro, Eric Alden Smith, and Shankar Aswani (eds) Environmental Social Sciences: Methods and Research Design. Cambridge University Press. 2010.

        Classes in the Classics: Historical Changes in Plant Classifications in Two Tibetan Medical Texts” in Sienna Craig, Minkyi Tsomo, Frances Garrett, and Mona Schrempf (eds) Studies of Medical Pluralism in Tibetan History and Society. Bonn: International Institute for Tibetan and Buddhist Studies, Contributions to Research on Central Asia Series. December 2010.

      “The Land of Milk and Barley: Medicinal Plants, Staple Foods, and Discourses of Subjectivity in Rgyalthang” in Mona Schrempf (ed) Soundings in Tibetan Medicine: Historical and Anthropological Perspectives. Leiden: Brill Publishers. 2007.

         “Tibetan Medicine in Rgyalthang” in Alessandro Boesi and Francesca Cardi (eds) Contributions to the Study of Tibetan Medicine: Special Issue of The Tibet Journal XXX (4) & XXXI (1): 33-56 (2005).


Published Book Reviews

Salick, Jan & Robert Moseley. Khawa Karpo Tibetan Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity Conservation. (Missouri Botanical Garden, 2012). Ethnobiology Letters 5 (2014): 89-90. 

Gyatso & Hakim Essentials of Tibetan Traditional Medicine (North Atlantic Books, 2010). Ethnobiology Letters 4 (2013): 105-6.

Kolås & Thowsen On the Margins of Tibet (University of Washington Press, 2005). The China Journal 55:193-5 (January 2006)



                Introduction to Anthropology (SOAN 102)

                Asian Medical Systems (SOAN/Asian Studies 225)

                People, Plants, and Animals (SSIi 117, freshman seminar course)

                Indigenous Peoples (SOAN 230)

                Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (SOAN 235)

                Environmental Anthropology (SOAN 489)