Daniel Cook

Visiting Assistant Professor, English

BA, Cedarville College, 1997
MFA, University of North California-Greensboro, 1999
PhD, University of California, 2005

Daniel Cook is a Visiting Assistant Professor who teaches Writing and Rhetoric courses such as “Images and Words of War,” as well as sections of "Introduction to Literature". As a scholar, Daniel specializes in nineteenth-century British literature, publishing primarily on the development of Victorian fiction and autobiography. Most recently, he has finished an essay on the relationship between H.G. Wells’s utopian writings and literary modernism (forthcoming in the volume Utopian Spaces of Modernism), and is researching a book on links between the Victorian novel and Victorian preaching. This latest project deals with famous sermons in novels like Wuthering Heights and Moby Dick, together with preacher-novelists such as John Henry Newman, Charles Kingsley, and George MacDonald. When Daniel is not teaching or writing, he enjoys travel, rock climbing, and working as a sous-chef in his fiancée’s kitchen.