Carolyn Weisz

Carolyn Weisz, PhD

Carolyn Weisz, Professor, Psychology

BA, Stanford University, 1987
MA, PhD, Princeton University, 1989, 1992

Carolyn Weisz is a social psychologist with research interests in social perception, stereotyping, stigma, racism, and homelessness. She serves on the the advisory committee for the African American Studies Program and on the leadership team of the University's Race and Pedagogy Institute.


Recent Courses

  • PSYC 225   Social Psychology
  • PSYC 301   Experimental Methodology and Applied Statistics II
  • PSYC 373   Perceiving Self and Others
  • PSYC 401   Perspectives in Psychology
  • PSYC 495   Independent Study

Selected Publications and 

  • Weisz, C., & Quinn, D.M. (2017). Stigmatized identities, psychological distress, and physical health: Intersections of homelessness and race. Stigma and Health. Advance online publication. 
  • Weisz, C., Green, L., & Ramsdell, D. (2016). Project Peace preliminary 2016 Report: Community feedback on policing & Tacoma Police Department's (TPD) proposed action items. A report prepared for the City of Tacoma.
  • Oleson, K. C., & Weisz, C. (2010). Being teacher-scholars in a liberal arts setting. Dialogue: Newsletter of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, 25, 18-19.
  • Houston, R., & Weisz, C. (2009). City of Tacoma housing first case management survey. A report prepared for the City of Tacoma, Human Rights and Human Services Department.
  • Houston, R., Weisz, C., & Anderson-Connolly, R. (2006).  Systems analysis of homelessness in Pierce County: A preliminary report prepared for the Road Home Leadership Team.
  • Weisz, C., & Wood, L. F. (2005). Social identity support and friendship outcomes: A longitudinal study predicting who will be friends and best friends 4 years later. Journal of Personal and Social Relationships, 22, 416-432.
  • Weisz, C., & Wood, L. F. (2000).  Social identities and friendships: A longitudinal study of support for social identities. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 15, 441-448.
  • Weisz, C. (1996).  Social identities and response to treatment for alcohol and cocaine abuse.  Addictive Behaviors, 21, 445-458.
  • Weisz, C., & Jones, E. E. (1993).  Expectancy disconfirmation and dispositional inference: Latent strength of target-based and category-based expectancies.  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 19, 563-573.