Ann Putnam

Ann PutnamInstructor, English

BA, Seattle Pacific University, 1967
MA, PhD, University of Washington, 1979, 1984

Ann Putnam teaches creative writing and gender studies as well as the Seminar in Scholarly Inquiry and on occasion a seminar on Ernest Hemingway. She has published short fiction, personal essays, literary criticism and book reviews in various anthologies such as Hemingway and Women, Female Critics and the Female Voice, Hemingway in Context (Cambridge U. Press), Hemingway, Cuba, and the Cuban Works, and in such journals as the Hemingway Review, Western American Literature Quarterly, North Dakota Quarterly, and the South Dakota Review to name several. Along with Beverly Conner and Hans Ostrom, she has published three short stories in the collection Nine by Three: Stories. Her latest work is a memoir, Full Moon at Noontide: A DAUGHTER'S LAST GOODBYE forthcoming from University of Iowa Press. She has completed one novel and is revising a second one. She has presented papers in Havana, Lausanne, Pamplona, Ronda, Spain, St Marie de la Mer, France and Venice among others.