Ameera Nimjee, Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology

Dr. Ameera NimjeeDr. Ameera Nimjee is a musician, dancer, scholar, and educator. Her scholarly research explores transnational economies of South Asian performance arts, and how practitioners navigate issues of citizenship, race, and gender. Dr. Nimjee’s published work includes book chapters and journal articles on intimacy in kathak performance; musical labor in South Asian American weddings, and exhibitions of music in museums. Her current book project is an ethnography of creativity in Indian dance, with a focus on economic mobility between South Asia and North America.

Dr. Nimjee’s work as a musician and dancer is central to her scholarly research. Though she began her musical life as a classical pianist, she most often performs as a kathak dancer and member of Toronto-based Chhandam Dance Company. Dr. Nimjee remains a kathak student of Joanna de Souza, and has an active life in the performance and curation of the arts in South Asian and Ismaili Muslim communities worldwide. Her work as a scholar-practitioner was a feature in KBTC Profiles, published by PBS in affiliation with its series Asian Americans.

Ameera Nimjee

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Music, Race, and Gender

South Asian Performance Arts
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