Amy Fisher

Assistant Professor, Science, Technology and Society Program

I am an historian of science and technology. My research focuses on the history and philosophy of electricity, chemistry, and their related technologies. I am especially interested in experimentation, instrumentation, gender and science, and science education.

I enjoy teaching and working with students on a variety of projects. Some of my students most recent projects include topics in environmental ethics and the history of the steam engine and pesticides.

Courses Recently Taught:

  • SSI2 153 – Scientific Controversies
  • STS 202 – Introduction to STS II: 1800 to the present 
  • STS 301 – Technology and Culture
  • STS 310 – I, Robot: Humans and Machines in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • STS 325 – Highway to History: A Study of the Automobile Industry
  • STS 340 – Finding Order in Nature
  • STS 347 – Better Living Through Chemistry 
  • STS 375 – Science and Politics