If you live in an on-campus house, the city picks up the recycling and trash bins outside your house. It is up to you to make sure that the bins are taken to the correct location every two weeks to be picked up.

Servicing the Bins

Recycling, trash, and glass bins at on-campus houses will be emptied every other Wednesday. You will be provided with a flyer detailing how to properly dispose of your waste with the University of Puget Sound; this flyer will also include the dates on which your recycling and trash will be emptied. The on-campus house members' responsibility is to pull the recycling bins out past the curb before 7 a.m. on the correct day to be emptied.

If you are missing a commingled, trash, or glass bin, or if your bin is constantly too full and wants another, please send Sustainability Services an email at recycling@pugetsound.edu.

Extra things to note:

  • Sustainability Services collects electronic items to be recycled. Small electronics such as iPods and cell phones can be placed in any glass bin (except for the on-campus house glass bins) and will be collected by our team. Larger items such as laptops, printers, and microwaves can be collected as well, although they should not go in the glass bins that get collected by the city. Please send Sustainability Services an email at recycling@pugetsound.edu to coordinate with you to collect the item(s).
  • Have any doubts about which items can go where to be properly recycled? Please call our campus extension, x1560, or send us an email at recycling@pugetsound.edu so that we can help.