July 2016
Window Upgrade, Kittredge Hall

New double-pane windows were installed in Kittredge Hall in July 2016. These windows replace the outdated single-pane version that was the original windows on the building. Double-pane windows have two sheets of glass with a space in between them. Space provides insulation and will help the building retain heat in the winter and keep cool in the summer.

February 2016
LED Streetlights & Atrium Lighting

Low-energy, high-efficiency LED (light-emitting diode) outdoor streetlights were installed across campus in early February 2016. The retrofit, supported by Tacoma Public Utilities, is projected to save an estimated 63,400 kilowatt-hours each year. The 54-watt LEDs replaced the outdated 250-watt high-pressure sodium lamps that used to light up the campus. The new lights are an environmentally conscious decision to save electricity and a security precaution as the LEDs burn a bright white, providing more visibility at nighttime. LED lights were also installed to replace incandescent light bulbs in the atrium of student housing, including the Greek houses on Union Avenue.

September 2015

Puget Sound has partnered with Zipcar, an alternative car rental program that encourages carpooling through an on-demand, self-serve car share program. In the fall of 2015, Puget Sound increased its fleet of available Zipcars to five to meet users' growing demand. Members can reserve a car online for a quick trip to the grocery store or for a day trip with friends to explore the Pacific Northwest. In a continuing effort to reduce the number of cars on campus, a DERO bike repair station was installed outside of the Cellar in 2015 as part of an ASUPS green fee investment.

ENERGY STAR Washing Machines & Dryers

New washing machines were installed in all residence halls before the start of the Fall 2015 semester. Upgraded washing machines are rated ENERGY STAR and allow users to select a "cold water" setting and limit their drying time.

August 2013
Thomas Hall, LEED Silver Building

At the heart of campus, Thomas Hall stands as the most sustainable residence hall built at Puget Sound. It adheres to strict guidelines set by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a nationally accepted organization for design, operation, and construction of high-performance green buildings. In addition to being ranked silver under LEED standards, Thomas Hall is fully equipped with LED lights and is home to the Environmental & Outdoor Leadership suite.

October 2011
Weyerhaeuser Hall, LEED Gold Building

The Weyerhaeuser Hall Center for Health Sciences is a beautifully crafted building designed to integrate classroom studies with research and clinical work while at the same time being a model for sustainable building practices. Certified LEED Gold, the building includes sourced materials sustainably and uses the earth's heat as a source of energy, a process known as geothermal heating.

December 2009
Facilities Services Complex, LEED Gold Building

With main offices located at the south end of campus, Facilities Services is responsible for the management, maintenance, and operation of all Puget Sound buildings and grounds. Completed in 2009, the Facilities Services complex was awarded LEED Gold certification.

Live Green House, LEED Gold House

Built-in 2008, the Live Green House is one of a dozen theme houses located on campus. Complete with a rain barrel, energy-efficient appliances, and a solar panel to heat the domestic hot water, the Live Green House is certified LEED Gold.