Redefining your college narrative

Mission Statement

Voices of Success seeks to create an intentional and supportive space for a diverse cohort of juniors and seniors to come together and interrogate the factors that have shaped their identity and overall college experience at Puget Sound. The goal of the program is to:

  1. Expand what defines a successful college experience
  2. Give students a platform to reflect on key experiences that have shaped their journey through college
  3. Inspire students to cultivate self-knowledge and gain confidence in articulating their story

Nomination Criteria

  • Must be a current junior or senior
  • Cases where you feel a student should be celebrated in a different way than academic or social communities typically measure success (i.e. grades, scholarships, awards & recognition etc.)
  • This could be, but is not limited to, a student who exhibits one or more of the following:
    • Student has experienced a challenge or obstacle in their life (or time at Puget Sound) and has persevered to reach a definition of success that was meaningful to them
    • Investment in their community - campus, Tacoma, global etc.
    • Has gone out of their way to support their peers in either an academic or social setting
    • Has demonstrated a commitment to their personal growth as an active learner, engaged citizen, or supportive teammate
    • Consistently makes rich contributions to class discussions/atmosphere (may not receive top grades)
    • Students who have changed their academic plans to pursue a passion, or accommodate financial or personal needs (eg. graduating on time)
    • Students who have found success by advocating for both their academic and personal health needs by utilizing resources such as peers, professors, campus departments, off campus organizations etc.

Nomination Form

EL - Voices of Success Nomination Form

EL - Voices of Success Nomination Form

  • Important note: We will share the words you write in your nomination with the student. Please be aware that what you write will be passed on to them.