From small pilots to course projects to first-year orientation, Puget Sound leverages ePortfolio pedagogy to stimulate students' reflection on the significant value of their experiences and a comprehensive liberal arts education.

What's an ePortfolio?

ePortfolios provide a dynamic, online space for students, faculty, and staff to showcase academic work, share skills, process growth, and celebrate achievements with each other and the world. Sounding Board ePortfolios provide an ongoing personal learning environment where the student can collect and layer descriptive and reflective documents over their time in college.

Faculty encourage students’ reflective practices, multidimensional creative processes, and ability to articulate their learning and growth through thoughtful integration of ePortfolios into their courses and programs.


Why do I need an ePortfolio?

ePortfolios are valuable not only in an academic setting, but can be catered towards professional endeavors as well. A professional showcase ePortfolio is a wonderful addition to any job application that can move beyond the standard resume and cover letter through simultaneously highlighting academic, professional, extra-curricular and personal experiences.

However, even more important than that, developing a professional showcase portfolio allows you to dig deeper into your past experiences and reflect on how they have affected your personal growth. Through doing this, you will not only have a document that stands out to employers but also prepare yourself to talk about your past experiences in a deeper and more meaningful way. Check out the resources on the sidebar to get started!