If you have additional questions, please email us at RISE@pugetsound.edu.

Q: How will I find my internship?

A: Internships can be found three ways:

  1. Locate your own internship
  2. Use Handshake on the Career and Employment Services site for paid internships and jobs
  3. Apply for a local internship cultivated by Experiential Learning


Q: Can I get a paid for my internship?

A: Yes, a paid internship is a great opportunity for students to earn summer income while learning about potential careers. All of the internships posted on Logger Jobs are paid.


Q: What is the advantage of getting an internship available through Experiential Learning?

A: All of the Experiential Learning internships offered by our community partners are dedicated to Puget Sound students only.


Q: I’m not a sophomore what are my options?

A: Rising seniors may take advantage of the Summer Academic Internship class (EXLN 350) for 1.0 unit credit in the summer. If you plan to be away from campus, you might consider enrolling in the Intern Away class (EXLN 351) online class. You might also consider applying to the Summer Fellowship Internship program that is a special opportunity for students interested in interning at local nonprofits or governmental agencies but who cannot afford to take an unpaid internship.


Q: Are there any restrictions?

A: Yes, students must have at least a 2.5 GPA to participate. Exceptions may be permitted using the petitions process

Q: As a transfer student, may I participate?

A: Yes, transfer students may participate. Please check in with the Experiential Learning office at (253) 879-3124 to check your eligibility.

Q: I’m a sophomore, may I still apply to the Summer Fellowship Internship program and participate in RISE?

A: Yes! Also, because the class will help you prepare career documents, you may be a more competitive applicant for internships.

Q: Why shouldn’t I just do an internship without this class?

A: There are plenty of great reasons to take an academically framed internship:

  1. You will connect your major or minor to your internship
  2. Your internship will be more meaningful because you will have documented your experience; the documentation you create will help inform your resume
  3. You will stand out with employers, you can link to your ePortfolio on your resume
  4. You will engage in thoughtful, deliberate reflection via ePortfolio which will help you develop language to articulate the value you brought to the organization
  5. You will get professional help best articulate your skills and talents in application materials and practice interviewing
  6. Some employers require that you get credit to participate in the internship