Experiential Learning at Puget Sound is a collaborative effort between faculty and staff.

Renée Houston

Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and Civic Scholarship

Professor, Communication Studies

Dr. Renee Houston, Ph.D. is the Associate Dean of Experiential Learning and Civic Scholarship and a Professor of Communication Studies. She leads the team of staff and faculty to institutionalize meaningful, focused experiential learning in both curricular and co-curricular activities. Her research and pedagogy engages the examination of organizing to address inequities centered on issues of gender, social class and race in order to promote social change and allow for diverse perspectives and voices to be heard.
Email: rhouston@pugetsound.edu

Lisa Nunn

Affiliate Faculty
Visiting Assistant Professor, Economics and International Political Economy

Lisa Nunn has been charged with coordinating the Reflection component of Experiential Learning at Puget Sound. Lisa's formal training in Economic History and Public Choice, combined with her 35 year relationship with the University (as a student, faculty member, and parent), provides unique insights into the incentive structure necessary to optimize student benefits from their collection of experiences at Puget Sound.

Email: enunn@pugetsound.edu

Alana Hentges

Director of Career Services, Career and Employment Services (CES)

Alana's first experiential learning opportunity came in high school as a swim instructor. While using the notion of "magical talking fish" with five-year-olds to illustrate rhythmic breathing, she learned the value of adapting communication style to meet the needs of a specific audience. Today, as Director of Career Services she leads a team of creative individuals who help students explore options to identify and successfully compete for career-related opportunities on campus and beyond.
Email: ajhentges@pugetsound.edu

Landon Wade

Director, Academic Advising

Landon enjoys working with students to combine their academic interests with experiences outside the traditional classroom setting, increasing their learning and enjoyment of both. Helping students make connections across their lives makes the job fun.
Email: lwade@pugetsound.edu




Program Manager, Experiential Learning

Nicole Kendrick, M.Ed. is the program manager and instructor for the Reflective Immersive Sophomore Experience at Puget Sound. She received her B.A. in literature and cultural studies and her M.Ed. with an emphasis in student development theory from the University of Oklahoma. She has had over a decade of experience working to support and develop the strengths of students. She is interested in continually discovering the best ways to cultivate lifelong learners who are nimble and able to successfully navigate a changing world.
Email: nkendrick@pugetsound.edu


Matt McBurnett

Program Coordinator, Experiential Learning

Matt graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Psychology and is pursuing his M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration. He is a big believer in the importance of experiential learning in education, having had both curricular and outside-the-classroom experiential learning opportunities. He enjoys making those opportunities available to others.

Email: mmcburnett@pugetsound.edu


Meadbh Koenigsberg '20

Mentor/Community Engagement Assistant
Meadbh is currently undeclared but is enjoying exploring all that Puget Sound has to offer. After having a fulfilling volunteering experience with the Linc & Loggers program last year, she became more involved as the engagement assistant. She is excited for the many projects the Experiential Learning Office has already started and the many that are still in the works.