What is RISE?

The Reflective Immersive Sophomore Experience (RISE) program offers sophomores the opportunity to earn academic credit for internship participation allowing students to connect their liberal arts education to an off-campus, career environment. The new RISE program will also help students build career knowledge in their area of interest and be empowered to move confidently towards (or away from) a career field.

RISE is a collaborative partnership with South Sound organizations that offers Puget Sound students the opportunity to explore careers with local partners who invest in the future of the workforce.

What you do:

  • Complete the Community Partner interest form
  • To increase the likelihood of getting an intern for the summer, please create and submit your internship position by February 19th, 2018 - (Sample position description)
  • Receive application materials from students
  • Interview applicants
  • Create a learning agreement with your intern(s) - (Sample Learning Agreement)
  • Host your intern(s) over the summer
  • Evaluate the intern's performance
  • Complete the partner feedback survey

What You Get:

  • A well, prepared, engaged, and professional intern
  • Collaboratively crafted learning objectives to meet your organization's needs
  • Internship position promotion
  • An ongoing internship partnership

Thank you for helping support our students:

By hosting a University of Puget Sound intern you will...

  • Provide valuable career experience
  • Mentor future professionals in your field
  • Give students the opportunity to develop network connections
  • Support student decision making on a career path