Experiential Learning at Puget Sound is a program designed to cultivate student participation in meaningful experiences that enhance their education. Puget Sound students who serve as Program Assistants work closely with faculty, students, staff and possibly community partners to coordinate experiential learning opportunities, develop reflection activities and assignments, and support faculty.

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Some ways that Program Assistants can support faculty include:

  • Plan semester's work with professor(s) and other departmental instructors participating in experiential learning.
  • Meet regularly with instructors throughout the semester to assess progress and iron out problems.
  • Notify students of available resource materials; Help students obtain materials needed for their assignments.
  • Read, comment on, record, and return student reflections, academic questions and lesson plans.
  • Maintain personal communication with students throughout the semester. Assist them in carrying out assignments and solving problems.
  • Assist in administrating end-of-the-semester evaluations of projects.
  • Maintain a resource notebook which will include such items as: training outlines/materials, sample lesson plans, journals, academic questions, and lists of resources for students.

Depending on the needs of the experiential learning activity, Program Assistants may also:

  • Organize mini-course teams, call first meeting of all teams
  • Schedule and offer training sessions for students
  • Help assign students; maintain accurate records of student participation
  • Coordinate and support experiential learning site visits

Of course, how our Program Assistants can best assist you should be a discussion you have with your Program Assistant. This is only a list of possibilities that we look forward to amending as you discover the most effective ways to put our Program Assistants to work in support of your experiential learning projects and programs. We look forward to collaborating with you!

If you are interested in working with a Program Assistant, please be in touch with Renée Houston, Associate Dean of Experiential Learning.