Spring 2020

  • Jillian Stoewer: "The Effect of Hip Flexibility on Sagittal Plane Kinematics During Running" Advisor: Mike Pohl.

Spring 2018

  • Rachel Gillespie: “The Relationship Between Hip Muscular Endurance and Hip Biomechanics during Running” Advisor: Mike Pohl.

Spring 2016

  • Rachel Bowdle: “The Time-of-day Effect of Isokinetic Peak Torque During Knee Flexion and Extension”
  • Olivia Fair: “The Effect of Music on Isokinetic Peak Torque During Performance in Female Collegiate Athletes”

Spring 2015

  • Ashley Agcaoili: “The Effect of High Tempo Music on Isokinetic Peak torque in Collegiate Female Athletes”


Student Theses Archive: 1986-2012