Weather Emergency

Occasionally inclement weather necessitates cancellation or delay of classes, campus activities, and/or adjustment of the work schedule. Any such decision will be governed by concern for the safety of university faculty, staff, and students, and the ability to perform educational and service tasks effectively. Decisions will also be based on the nature and degree of each inclement weather event, whether classes are in session, and events on the university master calendar.

Any decision affecting the university’s schedule because of a weather event will be made by the vice president for finance and administration and the academic dean, in consultation with the associate vice president for business services, the associate academic dean, and the director of security services. When classes are not in session, the associate vice president for business services or the director of security services will recommend changes, if any, to the vice president for finance and administration. The associate academic dean will be notified of these changes.

It is important that faculty, staff, and students scheduling events list those events on the university master calendar in order that impact of schedule changes or cancellations can be considered and communicated appropriately.

Please recognize that the university must responsibly continue to operate when adverse conditions do not warrant a change in daily activities.