Student Resources

Academic Advising

  • Peer Advisors, in consultation with their faculty advisors, have already scheduled registration prep meetings (RPMs) for their advisees.
  • Sophomores who have not yet declared a major--please email Academic Advising at with their new majors/minors (no form, no advisor approval or change unless they’ve already been working with someone in their new major area).
  • The Advising office will be staffed 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; phone appointments will continue, as will Google Hangouts conference. For students not in the Pacific time zone, Academic Advising can schedule meetings beforehand for regular office hours.

Center for Speech and Effective Advocacy

The Center for Speech and Effective Advocacy will continue to support students and faculty members during Spring 2020, effective Wednesday, March 25, so that oral communication assignments can be completed in support of course learning goals.

Students may make virtual appointments to brainstorm ideas, organize materials, and/or rehearse an individual or group presentation by:

These consultations with Peer Speech Consultants (PSC) will occur via Google Meet, using students’ Puget Sound accounts. The PSC will issue the Google Meet invitation to the student.

Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching

  • The CWLT can offer help through online writing appointments, subject tutor appointments, and academic consulting appointments.
  • In addition to helping with content and skills, the CWLT can also help you transition to learning online during this challenging time. Talk to us about: time management and organizational strategies for working from home, tips to avoid online procrastination, study and note-taking strategies for online classes, and synchronous faculty writing appointments (applications and scholarships)
  • Tutoring appointment times: The schedule for appointments is available online at the CWLT.
  • Please send an email for questions. To schedule an appointment, please visit the CWLT website.

Collins Memorial Library

Although Collins Memorial Library is closed at this time, a number of library services are available remotely. Information about overdue items and fees can be found on the library blog.

Counseling, Health, and Wellness

Please visit the CHWS site for information on how to access services.

Course Credit/No Credit Options

The Faculty Senate has approved temporary changes to our academic policies as recommended by the Academic Standards Committee in order to provide flexibility to our now remote-learning environment so that the faculty may better support our students, and to allow both students and faculty members to successfully complete the spring, summer, and fall 2020 terms. Read the full message.

Credit/No Credit Option: Students may select to complete any* course they are currently enrolled in by receiving a letter grade or opt for the Credit/No Credit option. SPRING 2020: Undergraduate and graduate students may make this revision to their grading option between April 6 and 17. FALL 2020: Only undergraduate students may request this revision between Nov. 9 and 20.[1]

Additionally, Credit/No Credit courses taken during the spring and fall 2020 terms will not count toward the maximum limit of four (4) Credit/No Credit units that can be applied toward undergraduate graduation requirements.

Further details on the Credit/No Credit option are available in the Bulletin (p. 44) or by contacting the Office of the Registrar. [Editor’s note: See more information from the registrar.]

*The ASC affirms that intends that this policy means that for spring and fall 2020 semesters, classes taken Credit/No Credit can still fulfill major, minor, and core requirements, though that is not usually within the provision of the credit/no credit option.

[1] Per the Bulletin (p. 44) “…courses taken with the Credit/No Credit option are not calculated into the student’s grade point average. If the professor submits a letter grade of C- or higher, the student will receive credit for the course; if the professor submits a letter grade of D+ or lower the student will not receive credit for the course.”

ePortfolio Support

  • ePortfolio guide: a how to guide offering technology resources to support students using ePortfolios
    Drop in Hours from Noon to 1 p.m. every Wednesday. Anyone can join the Google Meeting here: virtual meeting
  • How to Guide provides technical steps for editing content and features of the ePortfolio
  • Schedule meetings with ePortfolio Program Manager Elize Hellam through email ( or this scheduling link (

Experiential Learning Support

  • Reflective Immersive Sophomore Experience (RISE): Students can schedule and meet with RISE instructors virtually for ongoing support (instructors will be available via google meet, zoom, canvas or other digital meeting platform per student request)
  • Weekly Drop-In via Google Meet Link  Thursdays from 1-2 p.m.
  • CIVIC SCHOLARSHIP: For general questions, please send an email to:  To schedule an appointment with a program assistant:

Logger Store

Students may purchase books needed to complete spring semester classes from the Logger Store website at The Logger Store will offer free UPS Ground shipping on spring semester textbook orders. Use discount code FREESHIP at checkout.

Moving Out

Information about Spring 2020 move out processes.


Print & Copy Services will be offering a print and delivery service for students working off campus or unable to access the computer labs.  If students have an assignment that needs to be printed and turned in, they can send it to Print & Copy Services by filling out this form and attaching their file.  Print & Copy Services will deliver completed prints directly to the departmental offices.

  • There is no additional cost to student for this service beyond the prints coming out of PrintGreen credits.
  • Prints are offered only in B/W. Orders for color printing or alternate printing services may be placed online by going to and selecting the Submit an Order link; these will be charged.
  • PDF files are recommended for the most accurate printing, but not required.
  • Print & Copy Services is open to run these prints Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. only.  We cannot run or deliver prints on the weekend.

Please contact us anytime at or 253.879.3737 with any questions.

Registration and Advising for Spring 2021

  • Registration for spring 2021 is Nov. 6–13. Graduate students register beginning Nov. 6, and undergraduates beginning Nov. 9. Individual student registration appointment times are posted on myPugetSound in the Registration menu. Please direct all questions on registration to the Office of the Registrar. Students must meet with their faculty advisors prior to registration. If you have any questions about advising, please consult the Office of Academic Advising.


  • Oct. 28: Registration times available on myPugetSound. Students may add courses to their "Shopping Cart." The registrar's office will email students instructions about how to register.
  • Nov. 6–13: Registration for spring 2021. Graduate students begin registration on Nov. 6, and undergraduates begin registration on Nov. 9. Registration days and times for undergraduates are assigned by units earned. Registration appointments will run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific to accommodate for time zones; staff members will be available to answer calls from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific. The best way to reach registration staff members is
  • Nov. 14–22: Registration for spring 2021 temporarily closes in order to provide time to analyze changes that may need to be made. 
  • Nov. 23–Jan. 14, 2021: Open registration for spring 2021.

Remote Learning

See the Remote Learning section of the FAQ page on the Coronavirus Response website.

Technology Services and Resources