Poppy Fry

Associate Professor, History

Poppy Fry’s research looks at how Africans defined themselves historically in the context of European imperialism. In particular she is interested in the significance of factors such as agriculture, masculinity, liberal ideologies, and Christianity in colonial and post-colonial Africa. Her graduate work focused on the connections between ethnic identity and British rule in 19th-century Southern Africa. Fry was a contributing author to Pearson Custom Publishing Database: World History/Africaand Encyclopedia of the Modern World (Oxford University Press, 2008). She has taught classes including Early Africa to 1807, 20th-century South Africa, Men and Women in Colonial Africa, and Missions and Christianity in Africa. Recently Fry has been working on a book project tentatively titled Free Men and Fellow Colonists: The Fingo in the 19th-Century Cape Colony, which compares South Africa with Senegal during the 19th century.

BA Kenyon College 2000
MA Harvard Undergraduate Admissions 2002
PhD Harvard Undergraduate Admissions 2007

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