Jordan Carroll

Jordan Carroll

Visiting Assistant Professor, English

Jordan S. Carroll’s primary research focus is American literature, media, and culture after 1900, and he teaches classes including modern and contemporary American literature, visual rhetoric, film, print media, popular genres, and first-year seminars.

His first book, Reading the Obscene: Transgressive Editors and the Class Politics of US Literature, will be published in November. His other projects include the book Speculative Whiteness, a project that uncovers the alt right and the racial politics of fan culture, and Geek Temporalities, which asks how tech professionals, science fiction readers, and other geeks experience time. His essays have appeared in journals including American Literature, Twentieth-Century Literature, Post45, and Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts.

BA University of Louisville 2005
MA Miami University 2008
Ph.D University of California, Davis 2016
Popular Genres ENGL 247-A 2218
Film Genres ENGL 340-A 2218
American Literature III ENGL 236-A 2224
The Book and the Marketplace ENGL 377-A 2224
Architectures of Power SSI2 141-B 2224

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