Timeline Examples of Student Work

Scott Greenfield, The Black Death

Rachel Roth, Geoffroi de Charny

Sam Hain, Loyalty in the Varangian Guard

Hunter Kurtis, Helmets

Walden Nichol, Christian Propaganda

Noah Blough, The Rise and Decline of the Longbow in England

Helen Tschurr, The Right to Rule

Jason Gill, Rise of the Knights Templar


Spencer Avocat-Van Horne, Christian-Muslim Relations during the Reconquista


Julianna Leach, Chivalry


Corey Oken, Viking Age Campaigns


Brando Reyes, Chivalry, Knighthood, and Masculinity


Katy Stehr, Vendetta


Wesley Brandemuehl, The Fourth Crusade


Nicholas Espinoza, Joan of Arc


Aidan Tribble, Hand-to-Hand Combat