This course aims to prepare students to apply for and engage in career-related experiences through the lens of reflective learning. Students are introduced to tools and pedagogy that will support goal setting and readiness for taking their next step along their career journey. Students participate in a series of personal reflective analyses to uncover their strengths and define their interests in order to have a meaningful career preparatory experience. Students gain individualized support through the process of finding an experiential learning opportunity that is right for them. Experiential learning fosters, among other things, civic engagement, personal growth, and leadership skills -- all key components of a liberal arts education. Ultimately, students build career knowledge in their area of interest and develop the agency to move confidently toward (or away from) a career field. After completing this course, students who complete an off-campus internship or comparable experience are invited to participate in EXLN 301 (Experiential Learning Seminar), where they will articulate the narrative of their experience through a showcase ePortfolio and become strong self-advocates, a skill that will benefit them in college and beyond.

Sophomore or greater standing.
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Reflective Immersive Sophomore Experience