There are several ways students may obtain STD testing and routine gynecological health care and/or birth control services.

  • CHWS offers appointments for annual gynecological exams for a $35 fee. There is also a lab fee for the Pap smear. Additional charges will depend on any additional tests your medical provider might perform.
  • Women may receive a written prescription for birth control pills, Nuva Ring, Ortho Evra patch and have it filled at a local pharmacy. Many generics are available at local pharmacies at low cost. You may schedule a birth control consultation with one of our medical providers to discuss which method is right for you.
  • CHWS currently stocks several formulations of birth control pills, which cost $15-$19 per month. Because Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services is not a pharmacy, you must make an appointment with one of our medical providers to receive these medications.
  • Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) is available for men and women at Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services. There is a $20 fee for the clinic visit or examination, and lab test fees vary. STD screening is often a routine part of women's annual gynecological exams.

CHWS can also provide emergency contraceptive pills.

Planned Parenthood can also provide low-cost birth control, annual gynecological exams, and STD testing for all genders. Students may contact Planned Parenthood directly to schedule an appointment.

Through the Take Charge program, Planned Parenthood provides family planning services to qualified men and women.

Call or visit the Planned Parenthood website for hours and directions:

1515 Martin Martin Luther King, Jr. Way
Tacoma, WA 98405

Washington Department of Social and Health Services also provides information on obtaining birth control education and methods and various other exams and services for both men and women through the Medicaid Take Charge program. More information on the services provided and participating clinics can be found on the DSHS website.