1. Counseling and medical services are available to students throughout the academic year, beginning during new student orientation. Services are generally not available during winter break, and spring break, except for acute needs and as staff are available.
  2. Medical services staff are not on duty during the summer, and medical services are not provided.
  3. Psychology staff are on duty during the summer and see clients on an as-available basis.


  1. Subject to the provisions below, students at the university are eligible to receive psychological and medical services from CHWS during periods of their enrollment.
  2. Those not eligible for services from CHWS include:

a. Non-matriculated students – typically, these would-be students enrolled for continuing education classes through the School of Education.

b. Students not registered or on leave for a semester or an academic year. Eligibility for CHWS services is withdrawn at the time a student withdraws from courses.

c. Puget Sound employees using the tuition-remission benefit.

d. Family members, domestic partners, and dependents of students. A listing of medical and mental health practitioners and local medical clinics helps students arrange care for their families and dependents.

e. Counseling interns and practicum students serving in CHWS are not eligible to receive counseling services during their appointment in CHWS because of the dual role complications that would entail.

f. It may be determined, based on clinical assessment of the nature of presenting concerns and/or inappropriate behaviors, that a student will not be offered treatment in CHWS. This decision is to be made by the Director of CHWS in consultation with the Assistant Director and any professional staff involved. Any such decision will be documented in the student’s chart. This decision may be reviewed at the initiation of the student at any time. (See related guideline at “Failure to Keep Appointments.”)

g. Alumni or others auditing courses without charge are not eligible for CHWS services.


Exceptions to the above may be considered on a case-by-case basis and will generally be made dependent on staff availability after determining that we have already met the demand for services to currently enrolled students. These exceptions are to be cleared with the Director of CHWS and may include:

  1. A student on a leave of absence from the university whose medical or psychological condition, if treated at CHWS, is likely to be ameliorated to lead to the student’s successful return to the university.
  2. Relationship counseling may be offered to a student and their non-student partner as available clinical time permits.
  3. For purposes of meeting university mandatory immunization requirements, immunizations will be available to all enrolled students, including that auditing tuition-free.