The Power of Partnership

The School of Education enjoys a close partnership with Tacoma Public Schools in and out of the classroom, through student teaching, mentorship, research, curriculum development and more. Working together, we aim to support and promote the achievement of young people in grades K-12. Learn more about our work together in our Tacoma Public Schools Annual Report.

Puget Sound actively supports Economic Development in our city and our region through standing partnerships with the City of Tacoma Community and Economic Development Department, the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce, and the Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County. The college is also a major employer and economic force in the Tacoma-Pierce County area. Through the faculty, staff, student body and visitors each year, it has a significant economic impact on the local and regional economy.

Number of regular employees: 714
Student and temporary employees: 1156
Employees living in Pierce County: 590
Payroll: $47.1 million
Direct salary deposits in local banks: $35 million
Operating Budget: $103 million
University expenditures on goods and services to Pierce County vendors: $14.7 million
Estimated local spending by students: $14.2 million*

*This figure is determined by multiplying the number of full-time students, minus those studying abroad, by the estimated living costs outlined in our Money Matters publication. Books and supplies are not included.

Additionally, as our campus sits squarely between two vibrant neighborhood business districts, many of our students, faculty and staff visit the districts regularly, and the college formally partnered with them in 2004 to offer support in their work. This support includes partnering in sustainability projects, recruiting students for volunteer work in the districts, as well as free business consulting assistance through the School of Business and Leadership student projects. The partnership grew in 2007 when Puget Sound staff joined the board of the Cross District Association, which supports and advocates for all 15 neighborhood business districts across Tacoma, providing assistance and expertise in nonprofit management, marketing and promotions, and financial management.

Our commitment to civic involvement and supporting the community in which we live is evident by the company we keep. The university actively supports community organizations and connects them to students, faculty, and staff as resources. Some of our regular partners include:

6th Avenue Business District
City Club of Tacoma
Cross District Association
Fund for Women and Girls
Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
Museum of Glass
North End Neighborhood Council
Proctor Business District
Tacoma Art Museum
Tacoma Community House
Tacoma Rotary 8
Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce
The Nonprofit Center
Young Professionals Network

Please feel free to contact us to explore how we might collaborate with your organization.