In the Neighborhood

Usually once each semester we convene a meeting of the University District Committee. Puget Sound staff from Community Engagement, Security Services, Facilities Services and Student Affairs gather to touch base about a variety of issues that may potentially impact the surrounding neighborhood. The meetings are also utilized to inform neighbors about projects and activities on and around campus. Neighbors also have the opportunity to address their questions, suggestions and concerns to Puget Sound staff. Contact us if you would like to be notified of the next meeting.


Puget Sound is pleased to host monthly meetings of the North End Neighborhood Council. Tacoma's Neighborhood Council Program offers a way for community members to band together to improve their immediate surroundings through partnership with each other and the City.  The council meets on the first Monday of each month in Thompson Hall, Room 193. Learn more about the council and to be notified of upcoming meetings.


While students are responsible for their own behavior when residing off campus, the university communicates with them regarding serious or repeated offensive off-campus behavior that violates university policy or adversely impacts the neighborhood in a significant manner. Neighbor complaints should be referred to Rachel Cardwell, community engagement manager. She will coordinate communication to students with the Office of Off-Campus Student Services as well as the dean of students. Generally neighbors should speak with students about their concerns before the complaint process is initiated. However exceptions can be made for highly serious concerns and/or when neighbors may have legitimate reservations about contacting students.

First Complaint

For initial complaints about a given address, student, or group of students, the community engagement manager will gather information from neighbors regarding the issue and send a report to the offices of Off-Campus Student Services and the dean of students. A letter is then sent to each identified student, which requires them to make an appointment with the director of residence life and off-campus student services to formulate a plan to address documented issues and/or concerns.

Second Complaint

If a second formal complaint is filed, the community engagement manager will send a report to the offices of Off-Campus Student Services and the dean of students. Student Affairs staff, after reviewing the particular circumstances, then determine if the second complaint constitutes a violation of the Student Integrity Code, which would initiate a disciplinary process.

Neighbors are encouraged to first discuss concerns with students, who often are not aware that their actions are adversely affecting their neighbors.  You can also communicate with students and register a complaint with the university.  Neighbors should immediately contact 911 (24 hours per day) to address concerns that warrant police department response; e.g. noise issues, party related disturbances, crime, or personal safety concerns.

This is a brief summary of the university's neighbor complaint policy.