Building a College Inspired Community

Beginning in 2007, Puget Sound has partnered with other institutions of higher education and the office of Community and Economic Development with the City of Tacoma to develop a plan to promote Tacoma as a great college town, aimed at attracting business and talent to our city. At the core of this work is the recognition that higher education has and will play an integral role in the revitalization of downtown Tacoma and continued growth across Pierce County. Not only do students and graduates add life and vitality to our city, our higher educational institutions offer resources to support government, business, industry, nonprofits and residents throughout the South Puget Sound region.

Additionally, representatives from each of the institutions collectively plan an annual Sustainability Expo. The event provides residents and business owners in the greater Tacoma area a place to discover services, products, companies, and agencies in our region that address our community’s sustainability needs. Expo participants learn about a variety of local goods and services, including: transportation alternatives, green construction, energy conservation, waste minimization and recycling, alternative energy sources, local and regional government services, and global climate change initiatives, and how to be economically efficient while being sustainable. Puget Sound proudly hosted the event in 2008 and continues to work with our higher education partners on the annual event. Check back soon for details on this event, coming in March 2011.