Tara Denney

I am a junior at the University of Puget Sound, and a Communications major with at Politics and Government Minor from Renton, Washington. I initially struggled with what major I would pursue, but after taking Intro to Media Studies, I knew that Communication Studies was for me. I love the variety of classes that are available and that I have the option to concentrate my studies within the major. I have not declared yet, but I am strongly thinking about concentrating in Film and Media Studies. This summer, my study abroad internship at Simon & Schuster UK in London proves to me yet again that communications is the right major for me.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy staying involved in activities that are both active and community-based. I participate in the CIA (Compassion Into Action) club, and love going around Tacoma with family members who live close by. I am also a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, and love meeting new people and embarking on journeys that create memories for a lifetime, many already made here at Puget Sound!

I want to give a huge thank you to the Communications Department for considering and awarding me this generous scholarship and amazing honor.

Lillian Olson

I am a Senior at the University of Puget Sound and very excited for what is to come during my last year on this beautiful campus! Originally from Sacramento, California, I was hesitant to move away from home after high school and begin my higher education. Not knowing what I wanted to major in, I began exploring different departments freshman year and quickly latched onto my communication classes. I examined the ways words can be used to uplift and advocate for others, and the dangers that arise when language is manipulated in negative ways leaving lasting and material effects. I soon declared myself a Communication Studies major and Religious Studies minor. I have grown fond of both departments and am so appreciative of my supportive and inspiring professors. As a student of Communications I have spent much of my time analyzing the text of film which I really enjoyed. Film can on one hand depict the cultural milieu, and on the other serve as the reference for societal expectations.

Outside of the classroom I enjoy taking walks throughout the Tacoma neighborhood, especially when my final destination is the Proctor Farmers market, biking, and finding sunny picnic spots along the waterfront. I also like backpacking, and have even tried some snow camping. I am grateful to the various communities I am a part of including the Pi Eta Sigma honor society, and the women’s ultimate frisbee team, Clearcut.

Thank you Communications department and donors for this generous award, and for granting young people the opportunity to continue learning!

Zachary Fletcher

I am currently a junior at the University of Puget Sound pursuing a double major in Communication Studies and Politics and Government. Born and raised in central New York state, I grew up across the east coast before making the decision to come out to Tacoma to further my education. I came to UPS not knowing what I wanted to study, and I took a communications course my first semester freshman year and became absolutely hooked on the department. The communications department has been a place where I have not only expanded my educational boundaries, but also one where I have developed strong connections to the professors and student staff who dedicate their time to spreading knowledge in the communications field. My Politics and Government degree will allow me to pursue a career in communications within the political world and potentially move my field of study to journalism or campaign work in the coming years.

Outside of the classroom, I write for Puget Sound's newspaper, The Trail. I'm staffed on the sports and outdoors section, covering Logger athletics and the surrounding geography that surrounds Tacoma here on the south sound. I also play for the ultimate frisbee team here on campus, another part of my college career I found when I got to campus. I've been fortunate in my opportunity to travel around the northwest with the team and be exposed to an incredibly supportive and spirited community. Additionally, I'm a member of Underground Sound here on campus, Puget Sound's co-ed acapella group. Music has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember, and making music with others is an experience for which I am truly grateful.

I am so thankful and appreciative for the Communications department as well as the donor that made this scholarship possible! Thank you for pushing the students here at UPS to be better peers, better communication scholars, and better students.

Emma Hatton

I am a Junior at UPS, born and raised in Olympia, Washington, just thirty miles south of Tacoma. I am pursuing a degree in Communication studies and Spanish with a minor in Latino/a studies. Coming to Puget Sound I was unsure about what I wanted to study. I knew I wanted to continue learning and improving my Spanish language skills but I also wanted to branch out and explore new fields and areas of interest. My second semester, first year seminar was taught out of the communication department by Professor Susan Owen and first sparked my interest in the broad field of communication. After taking that class I knew I wanted to enroll in more communication classes and began to really enjoy the classes I was taking. There was so much variety between the classes yet cross over and connections to be made between each of them.

Outside of the classroom I love staying active and being outside. I run track and cross country for UPS and enjoy spending time with my teammates both at practice or elsewhere. I am also an Orientation leader which has been such a special and beneficial experience that has helped me meet more fellow Loggers and give back a little to our UPS community. I want to thank the donors for this generous scholarship and the Communication department for all their guidance and support through my academic endeavors.

Sofia Moncayo

I am a current sophomore Communications Studies and International Business double major from Lone Tree, CO. I originally became interested in Communications Studies because my mom had studied it in college. It was so interesting to me to hear about what she had done as an account manager for an advertising company. Then, I took Organizational Communication as a freshman here, and I was hooked for the major. Some of my favorite classes have been Introduction to Communication Theory and Introduction to Communication criticism. Theory was so interesting because it is fascinating to see how scholars can look at recurring communicative patterns and draw certain pillars from that to generate a theory. Criticism is intriguing in the way that I have been taught to take messages apart to see how they function in a way that I already inherently understand.

Outside of the Communications department, I am involved with RDG, and I hold the position of Director of Social Media for Alpha Phi. Being a communications major and handling the social media for Alpha Phi has been a wonderful experience that let me synthesize both of these aspects of my life; it has been very fun to see the connections between these areas. I am also a member of Lambda Pi Eta and Phi Eta Sigma.

I am very grateful to the Communications Department and the generous donors for this scholarship. Thank you!

Leo Rain

I am a sophomore Communication Studies major from Eugene, Oregon. I have been interested in communication studies since I took my first communications class. I love communication studies because it gives me names and theories for all the everyday communication that I engage in. In other words, everything I learn in the classroom, I can easily apply it to my life, which I find extremely rewarding and fascinating.

In addition to overanalyzing all of my social interactions, I enjoy working for the University of Puget Sound as a Resident Community Coordinator. I am also involved in several clubs on campus including Habitat for Humanity, Engage, RDG, and soccer club. Through these extracurricular activities, I have made many friends and I love to spend time with them, knowing that the relationships I build here in college will last me for the rest of my life. When I am not working on homework or hanging out with friends, I am probably climbing trees and enjoying the rainy Washington weather.

I want to give a big thanks to the Communications Studies department and the donors for this generous award.​

Catie Spencer

I am a Communications Studies major with a Studio Art minor from Los Angeles, California. When I initially came to UPS, I had no idea what I wanted to study and it wasn’t until I took Intro to Media Studies that I felt I had found my place. I come from a family rooted in the film industry and have always been invested in media and public communication, but I never thought of the possibility of pursuing it in my college career until then. I plan to continue to focus on media and cultural studies and hope to further pursue it post-college. I am also extremely interested in visual media and art, taking influences from my studies in Communications into the work I have done and plan to do as an art minor.

Outside of my studies, I spend most of my time doing work-study at the sub and working on personal art projects. I also enjoy writing poetry and sharing music with friends. I became part of the Phi Eta Sigma honors society during my freshman year.

I am thankful for the opportunities Communications Studies has opened up for me and am extremely grateful for the generosity of the department and donor for this scholarship and amazing honor.