Knowledge of communication can be beneficial to any career. If you enjoy studying communication, but do not plan on pursuing it as a career, consider taking as many communication courses as you can fit into your elective selections. You might choose to double major or minor in communication studies.

Law is a profession which is essentially about communication. It involves establishing meaning and community through language. With a field so steeped in verbal and nonverbal skill requirements, a background in communication can serve as an effective beginning to a career in law. Communication training, or a degree in communication, can be useful for admission to law schools, as well as providing skills for use after law school. It is also valuable to paralegals and legal secretaries.

Careers in law and communication

  • public defender
  • corporate lawyer
  • district attorney
  • public interest lawyer
  • private practice lawyer
  • legal researcher
  • mediation and negotiation specialist
  • paralegal researcher
  • legal secretary
  • legal reporter
  • legal educator

Communication courses that can enhance a legal career

  • rhetorical criticism and theory
  • interpersonal communication
  • argumentation theory
  • group process
  • communication and diversity
  • communication and conflict
  • persuasion
  • early American public address
  • contemporary public address
  • advanced rhetorical studies